Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum lease term?
Minimum is three (3) months on rental furniture. Shorter lease terms are available at a fifty (50%) percent increase in the rental amount.
When can we expect delivery?
Delivery days are Tuesday and Thursdays. Upon approval of your application, you can expect delivery within 72 hours.
Is there a purchase option?
Yes. Please call us at (702)384-6996 for details.
What is the minimum account I can open?
$25.00 on a three (3) month lease $37.50 on a one month lease for rental furniture.
Can I rent by the piece?
Yes. As long as the rental amount meets the minimum of $25.00 or $37.50.
Will my furniture be brand new?
Due to the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee brand new furniture for rent.
How much does is cost to deliver the furniture?
Delivery is free on rental furniture however there is a pick-up/cleaning fee of $99.00 that is paid as part of your initial payment.
Do I have to have credit to rent furniture?
All applications are reviewed on an individual basis in some cases a security deposit or co-signer may be required.